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Loveable Book Cover
Loveable - 21 Practices for Being in a Loving and Fulfilling Relationship. By Suzanne Muller. 
Loveable delivers what you need for being in a loving and fulfilling relationship. If you are seeking a relationship or you want more love and fulfillment in your current relationship, Loveable is for you! Loveable brings you eye-opening and revolutionary practices that transform and illuminate the confusing topics of men, dating, and relationships. Follow the practices and be loved for who you are, and be able to fully love a man while loving and honoring yourself. Suzanne Muller delivers her wisdom after years of dating, heartache, realizations, coaching and incredible successes - in a witty and engaging way through an easy to follow methodology. Suzanne guides you through the exercises to your own loving and fulfilling relationship. 5" x 8" 192 pages. Order your copy of Loveable today! - $15.95

Little Book Of BigLove by David Lazaroff

Little Book of Big Love - 50 Ways to Express and Acknowledge Love with Words, by David Lazaroff. Be prepared to be introduced to Love as something much bigger than you currently imagine. Then explore 50 ways to express and acknowledge Love with words. Lined space is given for you to record your own thoughts on each of the 50 ways so you can create your own ways of expressing and acknowledging love. This practice gives you new access to renewing and deepening all your relationships. 5" x 8" 134 pages. Order your copy of Little Book of Big Love now! - $14.95

Share A Great Life by David Lazaroff
Life is always, every moment, without fail, offering opportunities for love, companionship, beauty, connection and joy. Life is simultaneously offering opportunities for less desirable things. Every moment we get to choose. Where we put our attention determines our experience of the world. If you are not seeing something you like that is available... keep looking. Joy is available!

My experience of this comes from caring for my dear friend, Carl, in the context of his Alzheimer's. If you want to have a great life, commit yourself to giving someone else a great life. You must have a great life yourself in order to make a great life possible for someone else. Have a lot of love... have a lot of fun! Order Share A Great Life today! - $14.95


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